Best areas to invest in Hyderabad - Mokila

The Best time to buy Property in Hyderabad is now…

” Home ” is a dream of thousands of Indians, but is it the right time to invest in real estate? Here is some context that can help you decide if this is the right time.

Low-Interest Rates – One of the biggest advantages of taking your first step towards buying that property you’ve been planning to, so close to the coronavirus pandemic is to get the finances (loan) at lower interest rates. It is almost like getting your property at a great discount without compromising on the growth that will come along as the real-estate prices grow, once the world returns to normalcy.
However, home-buyers need to understand that the low-repo rates driven home loans can only be availed by people/ applicants with a credit score of 750-800.

Stability – Investment in real-estate offers a sense of stability since the segment is not relatively as volatile as the stock market. Many investors who have experienced losses in their other investments are now turning towards the more stable assets – like real estate, thus improving the demand for the same.

Avenue for passive income – With the world slowly getting back to normalcy and workplaces opening their doors for their employees, rental properties are again going to bounce back into demand. Adding another source of passive income for the property owners. Investing in a growing area close to an IT hub like Vivanta Central Court at Mokila in Hyderabad – close to Hitech city, Kokapet & Financial district might just be a great idea if you are looking for steady returns from your invested value along with a rapid capital appreciation.

Great Deals – Due to the corona-virus pandemic, a lot of builders are offering properties at very reasonable prices. That gives the buyers a lot more options to choose from to get the most value for their money.
A variety of new affordable & mid-level investment trends are sprouting in the real-estate segment like farm-lands close to the city, holiday-homes, etc. which also possess great potential for growth.

Rapid Development of the City – With connectivity attributed to the great road network and expanding metro lines, commutation has become a factor that people can worry less about. Enabling development to reach farther so people don’t need to compromise the quality of life.

Investing now can help you reap the benefits of rapid development & globalization in the long-term. We hope this article has shed some light on the factors that you need to consider to make an informed decision for a brighter future.