Maintanance : When you decide to buy an Plot from us, that indirectly means you will be relieved of every worry and trouble that is normally involved in plot purchase. We, as a highly principled maintanence firm, will undertake every minute aspect of venture Development & maintenance such as choosing the right place up to making the plot highly suitable for a happy living for you.

Loan Support : We assist our customers in getting through all sorts of documentation process so as to enable them to have easy access in initiating their procedural routines.

The documentation process normally takes a week to obtain endorsement from the concerned financial authorities. 
If required, the customer is even assisted with legal support as Srivaari Builders have its own legal associates to assist in legal aspects.

Loan schemes are available to different categories of people such as;

  • Salaried People
  • Employees
  • Business Men

For loan support please Send mail to us :

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